Double Hockey Sticks on Thu 8/23/18


Artist Title Album New
Oppobrium Digitrap Discerning Forces
Master Slaves to Society Slaves to Society
Akercocke Seduced Words That Go Unspoken
Gorguts Nostalgia Obscura
Massacra Mortify Their Flesh Signs of the Decline
Cancer Hung Drawn and Quartered Death Shall Rise
Cadaver During the End In Pains
Entombed Revel in Flesh Left Hand Path
Pestilence Prophetic Revelations Testimony of the Ancients
Deicide Christ Denied Once Upon the Cross
Suffocation Mental Hemmorage Blood Oath
Deeds of Flesh Chunks in Shower Trading Pieces
Defeated Sanity Naraka Passages into Deformity
Trenchrot Gustav Gun Necronomic Warfare
Coffin Dust Gore Ensemble Everything is Dead
Code Orange Alone In A Room I Am King
Moistruizer Heavy Hitter One Dozen Donuts
Disincarnate Confine of Shadows Dreams of the Carrion Kind
Oppobrium Freezing Torment Beyond the Unknown
Sadus Words of War Elements of Anger
1070 Scum Guerra SIn Fin Chaos Noise
Baphomet Leave the Flesh The Dead Shall Inherit
Tomb Mold Abysswalker Manor of Infinite Forms
Spectral Voice Lurking Gloom Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
Chthe'ilist Beneath the Crypts Passage into Xexanothh
Witch Vomit Dommed in the Realm of the Dead Poisoned Blood

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