Sonic Rendezvous covered by yoni191 on Wed 9/5/18

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Body Nothing Stirs I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer. 2018
Sink Manhattan Bleakhouse Bleakhouse 1988
Savage Republic God and Guns God and Guns 7" 2018
Einstürzende Neubauten Krach Der Schlagenden Herzen 2X4 2007
Cardiacs Nurses Whispering Verses Sing to God 1996
Heat Dust Anybody S/T 2015
Chastity Innocense Death Lust 2018
Self Defense Family The Supremacy of Pure Artistic Feeling Have You Considered Punk Music? 2018
Hulk Smash Yeah Blood Deer+ 2011
Protomartyr Wheel of Fortune Consolation EP 2018
Cop Shoot Cop Traitor/Martyr White Noise 1991
Haldol Forbidden Drink UK-Ireland-Iceland Tour Tape 2018
Killing Joke Willful Days Me or You? 1983
The Native Cats Soft Chambers John Sharp Toro 2018
Iceage The Day The Music Dies Beyondless 2018
Crisis On TV Holocaust Hymns 2005
Death of Samantha Now It's Your Turn (To Be a Martyr) Come All Ye Faithless 1989
The Murder City Devils Cradle to the Grave Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts 1998
Lithics Boyce Mating Surfaces 2018

Sonic Rendezvous

Wednesday 6-8pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Thursday 10am-12pm
Thursday 12-2am
Thursday 12-2am
Old tunes and new noises from around the world.
Real folk blues
Rock 'n' roll
Primordial muck