Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 9/19/18

Last one til January, some old shows here:

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Long Hots Boogie Trance Monday Night Raw
Endless Boogie Bishops at Large Vibe Killer No Quarter
Traden Tamburan Traden Subliminal Sounds
Trad, Gras och Stenar Last Time Mors Mors Anthology
Simon Joyner/David Nance Dancing with Mr D Goat's Head Soup Grapefruit
Pussy Galore Just Wanna See his Face Exile/Corpse Love Caroline
Dead Moon Play with Fire Strange Pray Tell Music Maniac
Redd Kross Citadel Teen Babes From Monsanto Gasatanka
Mosquitoes Water Mosquitoes ever/never
Senyawa Kereta Tak Berhenti Melt Banana split Angrr
Magik Markers Risperdal Balf Quarry Drag City
Mountain Movers This City Pink Skies Trouble in Mind
Ngozi Family I Wanna Know Day of Judgement Now Again
Erkin Koray Hele Yar Elektronik Turkuler Pharaway Sounds
Phoenix Muzica si Muzichia Mugur de Fluier Electrecord
Sparrow Steeple A Ardvark A Ardvark ever/never
Human Adult Band Monopus Sonic Enlightenment Third Uncle
Alkibar Gignor Adibara La Paix Sahel Sounds
Sonic's Rendezvous Band Sweet Nothin' (instrumental/rehearsal) Sonic's Rendezvous Band Easy Action
Dan Melchior Relics Road Not Driving ever/never
HiSoft YMO Three Songs
All Night Radio All Night Radio Spirit Stereo Frequency Sub Pop
Stereolab Farfisa Refried Ectoplasm Duophonic
Hagerty-Toth Band Qualgebra Qualgebra Three Lobed
Half Human Green and Grey Positive Image Specious Arts
Lithics Cheryl Mating Surfaces Kill Rock Stars
Stooges Funhouse/L.A.Blues Funhouse Elektra

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