Where's the remote? on Tue 10/2/18

Artist Title Album New Local
Mid-Air Thief Why? Crumbling
Clinic Porno 3EPs
Jake Tobin Water Cooler Identity Crisis Torment
The Spirit of the Beehive it's gonna find you Hypnic Jerks
The 6ths Falling Out Of Love (With You) Wasp's Nest
Justus Proffit, Jay Som Tunnel Vision Nothing's Changed
Swirlies Labrea Tarpit Brokedick Car
Christina Schneider From the Nun Etcetera
Ultimate Painting Can't You See? Ultimate Painting
Flasher XYZ Constant Image
Tortoise Yinxianghechengqi Beacons of Ancestorship
The Damned We're So Nice Evil Spirits
Scheer Take You Anywhere Facing the Wrong Way
Twerps Dreamin Twerps
Pinback Anti-Hu Nautical Techniques
The RAH Band Sam the Samba Man Going Up
Cobra Man Everybody Party Tonight Toxic Planet
Black Moth Super Rainbow Jump into My Mouth and Breath the Stardust Dandelion Gum
Fishmans Go Go Round This World!
The Sound Jeopardy Night Versus Day
Soft Location She Seemed So Cold Diamonds and Gems
Jessica Lea Mayfield Wish You Could See Me Now Sorry is Gone
Blackouts Probability History in Reverse
Hooded Fang Wasteland Gravez
Damaged Bug Jet in Jungle Cold Hot Plumbs
The Lay Llamas Altair Thuban
Donzii Mines Mines
Sad Lovers & Giants Things We Never Did Epic Garden Music
GOON Choke Throat Choke Throat
Pylon, Deerhunter Cool - Deerhunter Version

Where's the remote?

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