Where's the remote? on Tue 10/9/18

Artist Title Album New Local
Lilys High Writer at Home Eccsame the Photon Band
Uranium Club Who Made The Man? All Of Them Naturals
Pia Fraus Autumn Winds Autumn Winds
The Magnetic Fields Desert Island Holiday
Melaina Kol Trip
Marge Graveyard Bruise Easy
The Wolfhounds The Anti-Midas Touch Hands in the Till
Minus Light Wishes Dragons Unicorns Devils and Wishes
Cavern of Anti-Matter melody in high feedback tones Hormone Lemonade
Vinyl Williams Sanctuary Spells Opal
The Drums Let Me Encyclopedia
Marmoset Strawberry Shortcakes Tea Tornado
Flasher Throw it Away Flasher
Flin Flon Floods Boo-Boo
Touch Blue Scraps Ttnik
Ruban's Birthday Kody Nielson Birthday Suite
Flasher XYZ Constant Image
My Bloody Valentine Who Sees You MBV
Stove The Oregon Trail Is A Toad In The Rain
The Spirit of The Beehive nail i couldnt bite Hypnic Jerks
Palm Color Code Rock Island
Walter TV Surf Metal Blessed
IAN SWEET Bug Museum Bug Museum
Surface To Air Missive Free Love Pt. II Surface to Air Missive
Autolux Census
Juan de Fuca Aa Aa / / Aa
ESG You Make No Sense Come Away With Esg
Tamaryn Cranekiss Cranekiss
The Bartlebees You Are Still Beautiful Diary of a Youngblood

Where's the remote?

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