Double Hockey Sticks on Thu 10/11/18

Underworld Ain't So Bad

Artist Title Album New Local
Scorched Bodies Collect Ecliptic Butchery
Pungent Stench Games of Humiliation Been Caught Butchering
Demolition Hammer Hydrophobia Tortured Existence
Sleep Terror The Wounds that Unheal El Insomne
Ghoul Into The Catacombs Splatterthrash
Cannibal Corpse Skull Full of Maggots Eaten Back to Life
Gorgasm Stripped to the Bone Bleeding Profusely
Blood Feast Vampire Face Fate
An Albatross Let's Get on with It We Are the Lazer Viking
Bolt Thrower Contact-Wait Out Honor, Valour, Pride
Cryptopsy Emaciate Whisper Supremacy
Gross Horse Head Hypnotism Demo Jawn
Left to Vanish Dethroned Warm Dark Moan
Castle Freak Human Hive Human Hive
TrenchRot The Most Unspeakable Acts Necronomic Warfare
Cop Grinder W.A.I. Demo
The County Medical Examiners Necrotic Apologues Olidous Operettas
Dig That Body Up, It's Alive My Captor is Laughing A Corpse is Forever
ACID WITCH Cheap Gore Evil Sound Screamers
Mortal Wound Riddled With Parasites Forms of Unreasoning Fear
Master Anarchy Nearly Lost Slave to Society
Demolition Hammer Mindrot Time Bomb
Autopsy Skull Grinder Skull Grinder
Frightmare Cropsy Midnight Murder Mania
King Diamond Lies Conspiracy
Death Individual Thought Patterns Individual Thought Patterns
Blood Incantation Starspawn Starspawn
Pestilence Testimony Testimony of the Ancients
Agathocles All Gone Razor Sharp Daggers
Zig Zags The Sadist Running out of Red

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