Dial Error on Tue 10/23/18

Allison interviews Mountain Man ahead of their show at World Cafe Live!

Artist Title Album New
The Velvet Underground I'm Waiting for the Man The Velvet Underground and Nico
John Hartford Turn Your Radio On Aereo-Plain
Sugluk Fall Away Native North America: 1966-1985 (Vol. 1)
The Flatbacks Buzzz Going Round Sharon Signs to Cherry Red
Screaming Sneakers Violent Days Marching Orders
The Go-Betweens Lee Remick Lee Remick
Mountain Man Rang Tang Ring Toon Magic Ship
Mountain Man Moon Magic Ship
Michael Hurley No, No, No I Won't Come (Go) Down No More First Songs
Willie Mae Williams Don't Want To Go There The Rain Don't Fall On Me: Country Blues 1927-1952
Holy Modal Rounders Statesboro Blues 1 & 2
Heron Big A Twice As Nice & Half The Price
Claudine Clark Party Lights Party Lights
The Field Mice You're Kidding Aren't You Snowball
Goteborg Sound Man Far Inte Va Dum Man Far Inte Va Dum
Chin Chin Why Am I So Lonely? Sound of the Westway
The Goon Sax She Knows We're Not Talking
The Garden Shameless Shadow Mirror Might Steal Your Charm
Violent Femmes Never Tell Hallowed Ground
Olivia Neutron-John (death/tango) (death/tango)
CC Dust Mutiny CC Dust 12"
Diat Nausea Positive Energy
Spacemen 3 Mary Anee Sound of Confusion
Spirit of the Beehive Poly Swim Hypnic Jerks
Dolly Mixture Spend Your Wishes Demonstration Tapes

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