Flaming Arrow covered by Diane on Tue 10/30/18

Artist Title Album New Local
jo passed MDM
jo passed glass
holy fawn sleep tongue
melvins stoner witch
sisters of mercy temple of love
i think like midnight ghost loads
sarah vaughn witchcraft
jo passed RIP
holy fawn same blood
nina simone i put a spell on you
alice cooper killer
deaf wish metal carrnage
racer x godzilla
fu manchu godzilla
kyuss demon cleaner
venom raise the dead
satanic warmaster vampiric tyrant
chastity heaven and hell anywhere else
hela gateway
hela mother of all monsters
astral swans strange prison
the garden voodoo luck
screaming jay little demon
the garden stallion
elvis hitler crush your skull
GBH city baby attacked by rats
45 grave riboflavin
gruesome the exorcist
the who boris the spider
harlan t bobo spider
blackwater jizz witch
laure briard sorcellerie

Flaming Arrow

Tuesday 4-6pm
Monday 4-6pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Tuesday 4-6pm
Wednesday 4-6pm
Wednesday 4-6pm
Sunday 10am-12pm
Sunday 10am-12pm and Thursday 4-6pm
Saturday 8-9:30am
The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.