Double Hockey Sticks on Thu 11/1/18


Artist Title Album New Local
King Diamond The Portrait Fatal Portrait
Frightmare Friday the 13th pt. 2 Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Haemorrhage Formaldehyde Grume
Carcass Ruptured in Purulence Symphonies Of Sickness
Necrophagia Naturan Demonto Deathtrip 69
Pungent Stench Brainpan Blues Been Caught Butchering
Bolt Thrower World Eater Realm of Chaos
Pig Destroyer The Bug Book Burner
Master Addicted to the Pistol Faith is in Season
Morbid Angel Rapture Covenant
Oppobrium Digitrap Discerning Forces
Vomitory Chaos Blood Rapture
AGOP Psychopathic Culture W.O.M.A.N. II
Ghoul Nazi Smasher W.O.M.A.N. II
Blood Red Throne Mercy Killings Affiliated with Suffering
Sick Shit Discarded Thick Spit
Carcass Maggot Colony Reek of Putrefaction
Dead Infection Colitis Ulcerosa A Chapter Of Accidents
Incinerated DugUp and Eaten Raw Split w/ Deterioration
Haggus Forensic Negligence Due To Unrecognizable Stench Plausibility Of Putridity LP
Fake Meat Clogging the Arteries
Mortician Hell on Earth Zombie Apocalypse
The Country Medical Examiners Blunt Force Flight Olidous Operettas
Fiend Suffer in Silence Derailed EP
Elders of the Apocalypse Your Kingdom...Now in Ruins The Law of Iron
Tomb Warden Summary Execution Reflection of the Mistake
Gutsack Medical Malpracyice Cleansed in Visceral Waste EP
Hashgrinder Electric Fence No Collars No Leashes No Humans
Impaled Rest in Faeces Modno Medicale
Venom Prison Abyssmal Agony Abyssmal Agony
Napalm Death Scum Scum
Pungent Stench Games of Humiliation Been Caught Butchering
Archagathus Perennial Loser Canadian Horse

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