Malthusian Blues on Sun 11/4/18

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Body/Head Change My Brain The Switch Matador Records
Borzoi BIg Pink A Prayer for War
Earthworm A Very Important Discovery 7"
Structure Disco S/T Harbinger Sound
Human Adult Band All I want for Xmas is a Rusty Roll of Quarters 7"
Curanderos On The Glaze S/T
David Nance Group In Her Kingdom Peace and Slightly Pulverized Trouble in Mind
Chronic Anxiety Corporate John Canopy Shyness
Uranium Club Prissy Chrissy Live For The Very First Time (In Italy) Castle Face Records
Oh Sees Nailhouse Needle Boys Smote Reverser Castle Face Records
Power Turned on Boogie S/T In the Red
RunHideFight Because I Love You 7"
Q65 From Above 7"
The Shifters John Doe's Colleague Have A Cunning Plan Trouble In Mind
Seth Graham Whisper - Slap Gasp Orange Milk
Mountain Movers The Other Side of Today Pink Skies Trouble in Mind
Quietus Airfield Volume Four Ever/Never
Thurston Moore Smoke of Dreams Rock N Roll Conciousness Caroline International

Malthusian Blues

Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
The very latest in slow Malthusian Blues.