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Artist Title Album New Local
OMC On The Run How Bizarre
The Soulettes Find Somebody New Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground
The Shoes Do I Get So Shy Un Dans Versailles
Vital Idles This is Real?
Turquoise Days Parafoil Grey Skies
Young Marble Giants N.I.T.A. Colossal Youth And Collected Works
The Optic Nerve Happy Ever After Ain't That a Man, Happy Ever After
The Cherry Smash Nowhere Generation West Coast Rip Off
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Here's Where You Belong Part One
The Goon Sax Somewhere In Between We're Not Talking
The Goon Sax Strange Light We're Not Talking
I Think Like Midnight Daydream Pusher Kompromat EP
Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread Less Than Positive Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread
Sometime Sweet Susan Kendall Kendall 7"
Plain White Toast Real Cool Plain White Toast
Special Interest Young, Gifted, Black, In Leather Special Interest
UT Evangelist In Gut's House
Mecca Normal More, More, More Jarred Up
The Funs Instinct Alienated

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