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Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Clouds Tranquil Tranquil
The Vaselines You Think You're a Man Divine
Siouxsie and the Banshees Mirage The Scream
Julia Holter Turn the Light On Aviary
Cat Power Wanderer Wanderer
Devon Welsh Summer's End Dream Songs
I Think Like Midnight Kompromat Kompromat EP
Body/Head Last Time The Switch
Lonnie Holley I'm a Suspect MITH
Jackson C. Frank Marcy's Song Jackson C. Frank
Anne Briggs My Bonny Boy The Hazards of Love
Brian Eno Needles in a Camel's Eye Here the Come the Warm Jets
The Goon Sax She Knows We're Not Talking
Parsnip Health Parsnip 7"
C.C.T.V. Paranoia C.C.T.V. EP
Ed Schrader's Music Beat My Mind is Broken Jazz Mind
Electrelane In Berlin No Shouts, No Calls
Mirah Information Understanding
The Pastels A Million Tears Million Tears
Swearin' Big Change Fall into the Sun
The Popguns Landslide Eugenie
Psychic TV Roman P. (Fireball Mix) Godstar - The Singles
The Shop Assistants Train From Kansas City Will Anything Happen (Shangri-La's Cover)

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