Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 1/22/19


Artist Title Album New Local
Oppobrium Freezing Torment Beyond the Unknown
Protector Apocalyptic Revelations Golem
Nocturnus Visions from Beyond the Grave The Key
Master Actions Speak Louder than Words Vindictive Miscreant
Hellwitch Sentient Transmography Sizigial Miscreancy
Obituary Platonic Disease Dead
Attomica The Chainsaw Disturbing the Noise
Vile Apparition Convulsing Lord INCINERATOR​/​VILE APPARITION
Vesication Spread Beagle A Decade of Damage
Burial The Second Coming Relinquished Souls
Gutted Chopped up at the Altar Bleed for Us to Live
Incinerator Nerveless Stench of Distress
Ravenous Death Harvesting Hate Chapters of an Evil Transition
Bandit Satisfaction Denied Warsaw
Ensepulcher No Sanctity in Death No Sanctity in Death
Tomb Mold Blood Mirror Manor of Infinite
Immortal Fate Lingering Torture Faceless Burial
Gutless Brutalized into Submission Mass Extinction
Pissgrave Euthanasia Posthumous Humiliation
Deathwards In Death I Become Towards Death
Cerebral Rot Cessation of Life Cessation of Life
Hissing Pablum Abundance Permanence Destitution
Cruciamentum Tongues if Nightshade Charnel Passages
Fetid Coalescing Decay Sentient Pile of Amorphous Rot
Brutally Deceased Epoch of Self-Denial Gantic Corpses
Triumvir Foul Urine of Abomination I VT-XXIV

Double Hockey Sticks

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An enriching music primer series designed to showcase whats new in metal. hand picked/locally sourced/straight from heck.
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