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Artist Title Album New Local
ORB Mother Brain Naturality
Line Leader Flashback WILT
Cerulean Blue Pale Blue Light Take it or Leave it
Dog Paws PA Girl PA Girl Single
Jerry Paper Your Letter Flavour
P.H.F. Glue I Hate Myself
Pardoner Blue Hell Uncontrollable Salvation
Diat Schadenfreude Positive Energy
Fuzz Sleestak II
Chrisitian Death Stairs-Uncertain Journey Only Theatre of Pain
Inner Wave Diamond Eyes Sun Transmission
New Fries Plexiglass Fresh Face Forward
Micachu & the Shapes Lips Jewellery
Yip Yip Candy Dinner In the Reptile House
Cowgirl Clue Chewed Up Limelite
La Femme Si un Jour Psycho Tropical Berlin
Metro zu Awesome Electrozapp
The Garden Make Your Mark U want the Scoop?
Guerilla Toss Grass Shack Eraser Stargazer
Beekeepers Game Over Varrora Mites
Lizzy Mercier Delscoux Abyssinia Zulu Rock
Marco Rivero & Carlotta Cosials Tú me Acostumbraste Tú me Acostumbraste Single
Swan's Chamber Swan Three (Swan Wept) Swan's Chamber
Gonul Akkor Boyle Gelmis Boyle Gecer Boyle Gelmis Boyle Gecer
Kody Neilson Ruban's Birthday The Birthday Suite
Palm The Swimmer Rock Island
Stevie Dinner The Incatation pt. 1 Mystery Flavor
Stevie Dinner The Incatation pt. 2 Mystery Flavor
Surface to Air Missive Some Blues Surface II Air Missive
Genesis Behind the Lines Duke
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin Reverse Shark Attack Reverse Shark Attack

Dial Error

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