Gallimaufry on Mon 2/4/19

DJ speaks over Tomorrow's Tulips' HARNESSED TO FLESH

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Troggs Our Love Will Still Be There GREATEST HITS Vintage Jukebox
Dinah Washington Baby, You Got What It Takes VERVE JAZZ MASTERS 19 Verve Records
The Long Ryders Never Got To Meet the Mom NATIVE SONS Frontier
Jeanne & the Darlings How Can You Mistreat the One You Love STAX/VOLT - THE COMPLETE SINGLES 1959-1968 - VOLUME 8 Rhino Atlantic
Ultravox Saturday Night in the City of Dead ULTRAVOX! Island Records
Tokyo Police Club Your Englsih is Good ELEPHANT SHELL Saddle Creek
Johnny Rivers The Poor Side of Town GREATEST HITS Emi Catalogue
The Saucers Half Naked and Dead SECOND SAUCER (EP) Gustav
The Strapping Fieldhands Back to Arkansas ALLUVIUM TRINKETS Omphalos Records
Spray Paint and the Rebel CHARLES AND ROY'S PURPLE WANT Space Ghetto ever/never
Need New Body Show Me Your Heart UFO File Thirteen Records
Funkadelic Back In Our Minds MAGGOT BRAIN Westbound Records Inc.
Vertacyn Arc Materializer The Majesty of Rock TASTING THE SEA
Happy Accident Pray for the Zoos PARTICIPATION AWARD 10 Gev Records
Ty Segall The Loner FUDGE SANDWICH In The Red
Gil Scot-Heron Home is Where the Hatred Is THE REVOLUTION BEGINS: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN MASTE... Ace Records
Lavender Flu Reverse Lives MOW THE GLASS In The Red
Miracle Legion Sea Hag DRENCHED Miracle Legion
Dark Blue Let Me Tell You a New Story VICTORY IS RATED 12XU
C.J. McKnight Stinker Lets Loose! STINKER LETS LOOSE! Burger Records
New Music Detroit Smoke II SMOKE Innova
William Tyler Sunken Garden MODERN COUNTRY Merge Records
Patois Counselors Making Appointments PROPER RELEASE every/never
Mable John To Love What I Want, And Want What I Love STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN Fantasy Records
Exit Group The Butcher ADVERSE HABITAT (EP) Castle Face
Steve Gunn Vagabond THE UNSEEN IN BETWEEN Matador
Richard Tompson Foxes FOLK MASTERS: GUITARISTS X5 Music Group
The Goon Sax She Knows WE'RE NOT TALKING Wichita Recordings
Honey Radar Moon Director PSYCHIC CRUISE (EP) Chunklet Industries
Mike Pace and the Child Actors Everyone Out of the Car SMOOTH SAILING The Self-Starter Foundation


Julie Haynes
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