Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 2/6/19

with guest DJ Amy!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
High Speed and the Afflicted Man Get Stoned Ezy Get Stoned Ezy Guerssen
Axis:Sova Afflicted Taste Early Surf God?
Writhing Squares Bloodborne Hate and Black Book Mass Out of The Ether Trouble In Mind
Headroom Soft Power Dire Wolves split Centripetal Force
Etran de L’Aïr Tenere Maliat No. 1 Sahel Sounds
75 Dollar Bill Hollis Wooden Bag Other
Dire Wolves Paradisical Mind Paradisiacal Mind Cardinal Fuzz
Elison Jackson Ghost Fucker Silver Sounds: Hallucinations
nyxy nyx Sailing Magic Coffin Ride Blight
Honey Radar Crybaby Jail Blank Cartoon What's Your Rupture?
Psychic Ills January Rain Dins The Social Registry
Dead C Bone Hell is Now Siltbreeze
A. Kostis Dertlidikos Horos Greek Rhapsody Dust to Digital
Xylouris White Suburb Goats Other
Nathan Bowles Girih Tiles Plainly Mistaken Paradise of Bachelors
John Fahey Dry Bones in the Valley Old Fashioned Love Takoma
Rita Abadzi At Tzambikou's Teke Mortika Arko
Strapping Fieldhands A Pinch of Patchouli Alluvium Trinkets Omphalos
Ariesta Birawa Group Didunia Yang Lain Those Shocking, Shaking Days Now-Again
Thirteenth Floor Elevators Slide Machine Easter Everywhere International Artists
Body/Head You Don't Need The Switch Matador
Markos Vamvakaris and Sophia Karivali O Koumbaros O Psaras Markos Rounder

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