Ghosts of My Life on Sun 2/10/19

Artist Title Album
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith First Flight
Lou Karsh Night Driver
DJ Central & Erika Casier Drive (First Mix)
Sport Dreamsupport
Neana Fidelity
1800HaightStreet Flood
nthing Blazer (Assault Mix)
Local Group Rampage
Venetian Snares Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Prodigy Everybody In The Place
Kasra From The Inside Out
Detboi Claws
Doormouse Skelechairs
Krust Concealing Treachery
Bruce What
Dawl Caught With a Spraycan
2 Bad Mice Bombscare
DJ Nigga Fox Apocalipsiii
Tobias Schmidt Mean It
Oliver Hacke 6:33
Tape Fear Jump System
DJ Deep Thai
Crystal Geometry 666 (Original Mix)
Tsvi Xus Lord (ft. DJ JM)
Dusky Amongst The Gods (Brame & Hamo Remix)
S.A.M. Pour Aisha
I-F Cry
Sufjan Stevens Blue Bucket of Gold (Remix)
Khidja Drums of Taksim
Bjork Mutual Core

Ghosts of My Life

Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Sunday 4-6pm
Monday 8-9pm
For the past fifty years, there has been a slow cancellation of the future, economically, politically, and aesthetically. Come explore nostalgia for lost futures and alternatives full of parties and possibility. Also, techno.