Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 2/12/19


Artist Title Album
Old Hope Coin and Teeth Divine Violence
Orchidectomy Writhing in Psychotic Hysteria A Prelate's Attrition
Grindmother Beliefs Become Reality Age of Destruction
Flayed VI.I Sapiens Sapiens
Flayed I.II Survival of the Shittiest
Monsanto Monsanto Monotheistic Malnutrition
Zheo Track 2 ZHEO
Holy Ginder Holy Ginder (live) Split with Agothocles
Tomb Mold Chamber of Sacred Ootheca Cryptic Transmissions
Voor In the Hell Demo #2
Cremation Welcome to the Crematorium Welcome
Amniorrehexis Brutalizing the Deceased Under the Surgeon's Knife
Gorguts Obscura Obscura
Chthe'ilist Passage into the Xexanotth Passage into the Xexanotth
Outre-Tombe Désintégration Nécrovortex
Dgorath Old Wounds Solitary Rot
Gut Drill Cursed Gut Drill
Venom Prison The Primal Chaos The Primal Chaos
Predigest Cannibal Leftovers PT.2 WORMS
Razoreater Wrath Vacuum of Nihil
Monumentomb in the crypt devoured Ritual Exhumation EP
Zom The Hordes From Cursed Realms Flesh Assimiliation
Abaddon Incarnate Fear Pessimest
Cerebral Bore Entombed in Butchered Bodies Maniacal Micreation
Anal Yell Gluing mince meat back together to make a cow its called reverse veganism hunny Anal Yell
Perverted Funeral Home Perverted Funeral Home They Won't Stay Dead
No More Room In Hell The Warmest Place To Hide No More Room In Hell
Sepulchre Bed Bound The Great South Western Depression
Cruciamentum Tongues of Nightshade Charnel Passages
Annunciation Shadowcaste Falling into Endless Black
Human Cull Like an Emissary into the Abyss Revenant
Spearhead Of Sun And Steel Pacifism Is Cowardice
Body Harvest Hierarchy of Grief Hierarchy of Grief

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