Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 2/13/19

with guest dj Steve

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Willie Thrasher We Got to Take You Higher Native North America vol. One Light In The Attic
Link Wray I'm So Glad, I'm So Proud Beans And Fatback Ace
Hothead Snake song 7 inch Richie
Neil Young Roll Another Number Tonight's the Night Reprise
Strapping Fieldhands Heading back to Arkansas Alluvium Trinkets Omphalos
Sensation Never let me go Sensation Folk Evaluation
Michael Hurley It don't take but a few minutes Redbirds at Folk City Feeding Tube
Nightlosers Hey good lookin' Cinste lor self-released
Antonio Aleman Las Guinas Cantos y Musica de Michoacan Ediciones Pentagrama
Charlie Poole A young boy left his home one day 1926-1930 Historical
Steve Gunn New Familiar The unseen in between Matador
Michael Chapman It's too late True north Paradise of Bachelors
Terry Allen There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California (Jabo I, II, III) Juarez Paradise of Bachelors
Pulling Hair Blues Alan Wilson The blind owl Severn
Neal Patman Shortnin' Bread Art of Field Recording: Volume I Dust-to-Digital
Natural Child NSA blues Okey Dokey Shine on
Royal Trux Call out the lions Pound for pound Drag City
Headroom New Heaven New Heaven ever/never
Tallawit Timboctou Hali Diallo Tallawit Timbouctou Sahel Sounds
Gang Wizard So What's the Cost Important Picnic MIE Music
Oneida Economy Travel Live at Secret Project Robot Safety Meeting
Fantastic Imagination Wane Moonphases vol.1 Dub Sum
Thurston Moore/Charles Hayward B3 Improvisations care in the community
Jandek Ha ha Interstellar Discussion Corwood Industries
Yoko Ono Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for her Hand in the Snow) Fly Apple
Mudhoney Oh Yeah Digital Garbage Sub Pop
Goggs Still Feeding Pre Strike Sweep In the Red
Delaney Davidson/Bruce Russell White Car Coming One Hand Loose Ilam Press
Alastair Gailbraith Water in my ears Cluster 7" Raffmond
The Clean Point that thing somewhere else Compilation Homestead
Sonic Youth Brave Men Run Bad Moon Rising Homestead

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