Dial Error on Mon 2/18/19

Jake does his 3rd Sit-In during the 2nd hour!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Lonnie Holley There Was Always Water MITH
Buck Gooter Peace Siren Finer Thorns
The Flesh Eaters Black Temptation I Used to Be Pretty
Buck Gooter Science Is A Rascal Finer Thorns
Writhing Squares Steely Eyed Missile Man Out of the Ether
Goggs Pre Strike Sweep Pre Strike Sweep
Ty Segall I'm A Man Fudge Sandwich
Heaters Lysander Suspended Youth
Buzzcocks Fast Cars Another Music in a Different Kitchen Reissue
Steve Kilbey Guilty Unearthed
Steve Gunn New Moon The Unseen in Between
William Tyler Alpine Star Goes West
Saintseneca Feverer Pillar of Na
Beach Slang Younger Us
Prince Daddy and the Hyena I Forgot To Take My Meds Today
Title Fight 27 Shed
Worst Party Ever Kicking Myself in the Face
Yowler Angel
Green Knuckle Material Hole
Mick's Jaguar The Real Boss
Joyce Manor Big Lie
The Wonder Years Raining In Kyoto
Swearin' Big Change
The Front Bottoms The Feud
Our Girl Boring
Alter Boys Buk's Song Piles 7"
Caged Animals Get It Through my Heart
Hop Along Tibetan Pop Songs
Heart Attack Man Life Sucks
Turnstile Heavy Hands

Dial Error

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