Staying Strong on Wed 3/6/19

My guest today is Adesola Ogunleye. The Nigerian small business owner, arts supporter, and drummer has been living and working in the Philadelphia area for the past seven years. Ogunleye is a DACA recipient who’s previously written about her experience in Philadelphia Print Works’ Online Zine. She is an advocate for body positivity, black and minority-owned businesses, and POC in music and art. Adesola joins us today to discuss how these pieces of her life and identity influence her and how she’s learned to find a healthy balance to keep staying strong.

Her DACA story:
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The Brian Jonestown Massacre Anemone Their Satanic Majesties's Second Request
Placebo Running Up That Hill Covers

Staying Strong

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Wednesday 9-10am
Wednesday 9-10am
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