Partly Cloudy on Fri 3/15/19

Happy early St. Patrick's Day! Playing the best tunes out of the Republic of Ireland and Norther Ireland only! Some punk, some indie rock, even some hip-hop, all Irish!

Artist Title Album New
The Radiators From Space Television Screen TV Tube Heart
Stiff Little Fingers Wasted Life Inflammable Material
The Undertones Jimmy Jimmy The Undertones
Blaze X Rippy
Virgin Prunes Baby Turns Blue
A House You're Too Young I Am the Greatest
Into Paradise Burns My Skin Churchtown
My Bloody Valentine When You Sleep Loveless
Compulsion It's Great The Future Is Medium
The Chalets Sexy Mistake Check In
Humanzi Fix the Cracks Tremors
Director Reconnect We Thrive On Big Cities
Rulers of the Planet Happy Slapping Disco Boogie for Death Rockers
Dirty Epics The Cure Straight In, No Kissing
Chewing on Tinfoil Forty Shades of Grey Shaving
Giveamanakick The Taking SixPointSixSix
Mojo Fury The Mann Visiting Hours of a Traveling Circus
Delorentos Did We Ever Really Try Little Sparks
Cheap Freaks Nowhere to Go Bury Them All
Blood or Whiskey Dirty Aul War Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil
Kate's Party Paper & Glue Hollow
Girl Band Lawman The Early Years
Crusing You Made Me Do That Cruising EP
Girl Band Pears for Lunch Holding Hands with Jamie
DOTT To Do List Beverly Baldwin
Music for Dead Birds February Sky Pagan Blessings
Kojaque Eviction Notice Deli Daydreams

Partly Cloudy

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