Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 3/19/19

Synthetic Metal Replica

Artist Title Album New Local
Morbid Angel Dreaming Domination
Agothocles Burning Water/Lack of Personality Theatric Symbolism of Life
Pestilence Darkening Testimony of the Ancients
Pestilence Lost Souls Testimony of the Ancients
Devil Master Listen, Sweet Demons Satan Spits on Children of light
Devil Master Nightmare in the Human Collapse Satan Spits on Children of light
Morbid Angel Caesar's Palace Domination
Crepitation Archeological Clacker Valve Array Onset of Horrendosity
Infernal Revulsion Leviathian Devestate under Hallucination
Impaled Gorenography The Dead Still Dead Remain
Frightmare Intro Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Frightmare Angela Bringing Back the Bloodshed
Cafergot Brutal Punishment Brutal Punishment
Dethrone the Corrupted The Unmaker Sinthropia
Neter The Cords of Sheol Inferus
Neter Faceless Inferus
Agothocles Alternative - Another Trend Theatric Symbolism of Life
Posessed The Exorcist Seven Churches
Nocturnus Lake of Fire The Key
Abramelin Human Abattoir Transgression From Acheron
Mortification Scrolls of Megilloth Live Planetarium
Cerebral Rot Cessation of Life Cessation of Life
Obsercation Intro/Horror in the Gothic Genre's Grave The inheritors of Pain Part1
Molested Stalk the Dead Demo
Aborted Bit by Bit Retrogore
Bolt Thrower Intro.... Unleashed (upon mankind) Warmaster
Job for a Cowboy Catharsis for the Buried DOOM
Job for a Cowboy Emtombent of a Machine DOOM

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