Malthusian Blues on Sun 3/24/19

Music during DJ mic breaks - Curanderos - S/T (Fire Records, 2017)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Charanjit Singh Raga Megh Mahler Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat Bombay Connection
Writhing Squares Steely Eyed Missile Man Out of The Ether Trouble In Mind
Sunwatchers New Dad Blues Illegal Moves Trouble In Mind
Annie Anxiety Third Gear Kills Soul Possession
Trust Punks The Reservoir Double Bind
The Nerves UK TV Advert 7"
Monoshock Primative Zippo 7" Self Released
The Eyes TAQN 7"
Jawbreaker Chemistry Dear You
The Lines White Night 7"
Spiral Stairs Them Cold Eyes We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized Nine Mile Records
Ex Hex Diamond Drive It's Real Merge
Yuzo Iwata Drowning In The Sky Drowning In The Sky
Orville Peck Turn To Hate Pony Sub Pop Records
Jackson C. Frank Blues Run The Game S/T
Ava Mendoza Kiss of Fire Ivory Tower Unrock
Terry Allen Dugout #1 Pedal Steel Paradise of Bachelors
Wasnt Wisnt Baby Drill Steel Cut Self Released
Epic Soundtracks Fallen Down Rise Above
Darvid Thor I'm Never Really Here I'm Never Really Here Self Released
Royal Trux White Stuff White Stuff Fat Possum Records
Cloud Seeder Zeus Delta Plan S/T Lather Records

Malthusian Blues

Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
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Saturday 8-10am
The very latest in slow Malthusian Blues.