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Cymande's "Cymande" (1993) compilation as music bed..

Artist Title Album New Local
Mdou Moctar Tarhatazed Ilana: The Creator
Old Time Relijun I Know I'm Alive See Now and Know
Wasnt Wisnt Junk Art Cinema Steel Cut
Glaxo Babies Conscience Nine Months to the Disco
Pigbag Sunny Day Pigpag EP
The Jam In the Crowd All Mod Cons
The db's Black and White Stands for Decibels
The Roches Nurds Nurds
Sneaks And We're Off Highway Hypnosis
Plain Jane and the Jokes I Got Fired The Joke's On You!
Strapping Fieldhands Our Tour of the South Alluvium Trinkets
Weyes Blood Movies Titanic Rising
Townes Van Zandt Silver Shio of Andillar Sky Blue
Lambchop The New Isn't So You Anymore This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You)
The Byrds Draft Morning The Notorious Byrd Brothers
Unrelated Segments Where You Gonna Go? Where You Gonna Go?
Screaming Sneakers Violent Days Marching Orders
Sasami Free (feat. Devendra Banhart) Sasami
Damien Jurado Lincoln In The Shape Of A Storm
Karen O and Danger Mouse Lux Prima (Parts I, II, III, IV) Lux Prima
Lush Etheriel Scar
M Transmission (The World is at Your Fingertips) The Official Secrets Act
Loudspeaker Psychotic Machine Psychotic Machine 12"
Au Pairs It's Obvious Playing With a Different Sex
Cymande Getting It Back Cymande

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