Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 4/30/19

SE Asia, in particular: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand
Mostly Brutal Death
Top Picks: Deathguy, Heretic Angels, Ecchymosis

Artist Title Album New
Granulocytic Bastoma Cancer of the Stomach Moments of Tarsotomy
Calamitous Pure Death Sick Chainsaws Concert 06/03/2010
In Vein ทุนนิยม ทุกข์นิยม The Truth Remains Untold
Enormity The Decayed Corpse Euten Promo 2006
Lolotica Em ơi! Em Đâu Rồi? s/t
Rotkin Severed Rotting Promo 2017
Heretic Angels Desperate Before Dust Exterminte The Respiration
Ecchymosis Morbid Transplantation and Veneral Development
Sliten6ix Sleep Reaper Sleep Reaper
Hades Ghospell Impure Messiah of Darkness Impure Messiah of Darkness
Wuu Di Dao Pho Mv
A Good Day for Killing Obnoxious Siamese Brutalism
Minefield Torment Winter War Promo 2015
Granulocytic Bastoma Membranous Lamia of Cartilage of Pharyngotympanic Plate Grindsore
Deathguy Intro/Shadow Introduction EP
Dash The Brain What ('s the fuck) do you want EP 2005
Intricated Flagitious Meditation
Genocide Devayakka Nesivita

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