In My Bag on Thu 5/9/19

Harry Potter voice: Thank you for chuning in! I hope you enjoyed the music & the laughs. Special thanks to guest co-host ArvDog // Cheers

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Artist Title Album New Local
Noname All I Need (feat. Xavier Omar) Telefone
Soft Glas Perks of Being a Sunflower Orange Earth
Choker Petrol Bliss Mono No Moto
EARTHGANG Hope You're Happy (feat. Emeryld) Hope You're Happy - Single
Kiefer Kickinit Alone Kickinit Alone - Single
Sunni Colón Mornin Dew Satin Psicodelic
MALIA Sweetwater Sweetwater - Single
The Shacks Fly Fishing This Strange Effect
Radiant Children Life's a Bitch TRYIN' - EP
Kiefer Highway 41 Happysad
JAHKOY Professional Professional - Single
Majid Jordan Gave Your Love Away The Space Between
The Flavr Blue New Kind of Vibe Love Notes
MXXWLL Lifted Beats, Vol. 1
Mark Ronson Late Night Feelings (feat. Lykke Li) Late Night Feelings
Tinashe Vulnerable (Sángo Remix) Aquarius
The Kount Robotology Robotology - Single
IAMBZAR when you're lonely when you're lonely - Single
Callum Connor Windows (feat. Asal Hazel & Zacari) Windows - Single
Smino Lemon Pon Goose (feat. Jean Deaux) Lemon Pon Goose - Single
MXXWLL Palm Trees Beats, Vol. 1
Raiche Complicated Drive
Sidibe Maybe Maybe - Single
SiR Ooh Nah Nah (feat. Masego) Her Too - EP
Silo Closer All Night - EP
Kyle Dion Better Better - Single
Archie Divine Rip Motley
Zilo Come Thru (esta Remix) Come Thru - Single

In My Bag

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A velvety flow of soul, bounce, and warmth. A weekly glow-up session. Come kick it with DJQ while he gets into his bag. Only way to start your Thursday mornings / 10a-12p