Where's the remote? on Mon 5/20/19

21:00 to 22:00
Co DJ: Connor L

Artist Title Album New Local
The Glands World Half Over Double Thriller
Duster Skulls testphase tape 1
Horse Jumper of Love Bagel Breath Self titled
The Zoomers From the Planet Moon Exist
Port Henry Dreaming of Some Space Oui Ja Yes!
Hype Williams Hype Williams Meets Shangaan Electro Shangaan Shake
Toner Gushue Collection
Alex G Fay
Ariel Pink Life In L.A. Worn Copy
Median Time Alone Single
Purling Hiss Digh High Dizzy Polizzy
Naomi Punk Firehose Face Television Man
Goings All Good Goings
Medio Mutante Inestable
Yacopse Boys Don't Cry (Cover)
Pharoah Sanders

Where's the remote?

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