Open air covered by Dominick on Tue 6/4/19


South Philly-based noise rock/hardcore band Body Spray popped in to WKDU for a face-melting in-studio! Here's their setlist! All songs from their latest album Music to Fall Down to unless noted otherwise.

(Three songs were played prior to the airing of the in-studio to fill the hour)

Artist Title Album
Body Spray Unpopular Cop Hell
The Dead Milkmen Tugena Big Lizard in my Backyard
Body Spray Hoagie Head Hell
Body Spray New Smell
Body Spray Bubble Bath
Body Spray Adult Party
Body Spray Edgy
Body Spray Dan's World of Animals
Body Spray Tongue Punisher
Body Spray Meet A Beatle
Body Spray There's A Little Bit of Beer Left
Body Spray Still Swollen
Body Spray Home for Sad Boys

Open air

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