Where's the remote? on Mon 6/10/19

Artist Title Album New Local
The Nightblooms Butterfly Girl EP
Tijuana Taxi Thrills Paracusis
The Gotobeds 2:15 Debt Begins at 30
Townes Van Zandt All I Need Sky Blue
They Are Gutting a Body of Water ness the kid from the dream who called it a body hi
David Westlake Nowhere Days Play Like
Popol Vuh Kyrie Hosianna Mantra
My Dad is Dead Force Feed Peace, Love & Murder
Eleventh Dream Day Orange Moon Ursa Major
Exit Group Chained up Against the Ritual Click Adverse Habitat
Maximum Joy Stretch - 12" version Stretch
the brian jonestown massacre Cold To The Touch s/t
Naomi Punk Spell The Feeling
Greys Arc Light Age Hasn't Spoiled You
Bill Ding Make it Pretty s/t
Nothing Rhymes With Orange Wilbur s/t
The Insufferables Octopus Argument Clinic
Flying Saucer Attack Here Am I Further
No. 2 Nippy one lil' dukie Delicious
Nap Eyes No Fear of Hellfire Whine of the Mystic
Froth Department Head Duress
Choir Boy Sunday Light Sunday Light
Minimum Chips Grogmonster Portfolio
bully pup bully pulpit Messenger Stork
Wasnt Wisnt Baby Drill Steel Cut
Dave Bixby Free Indeed Ode To Quetzalcoatl!
Orville Peck Buffalo Run Pony

Where's the remote?

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