Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 6/18/19


Artist Title Album New
ROOT Belezebub Hell Symphony
Haunted Carcass of Christ Haunted
Sufferer Into the Pit War on Life
Sufferer Skin Crawling with Maggots War on Life
Carnage Torn Apart Dark Recollections
Incantation Disciples of Blasphemy Diabolical Conquest
Mortem End of the Christian Error Demon Tales
Hellwitch Sentient Transmography Syzygial Miscreancy
Christian Death Stairs, Uncertain journey Only Theatre of Pain
Cryptopsy Crown of thorns None so Vile
Morbid Angel Covenant of Death Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Dementor Art of Blasphemy Art of Blasphemy
Blood Incantation Chaosplasm Starspawn
Master Fiction Soon Becomes Reality An Epiphany of Hate
Imprecation Baptizied in the Blood of Satan Damnatio Ad Bestias

Double Hockey Sticks

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An enriching music primer series designed to showcase whats new in metal. hand picked/locally sourced/straight from heck.
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