everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 10/8/09

Artist Title Album New
Eddy Current Supression Ring get up morning S/t
Fucked Up anorak city Year Of The Pig
hue blanc's joyless ones cry cry ep
Little Claw frozen in the future Human Taste
gary war see right thru horribles parade
Pere Ubu act 2 scene 1 Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi
the avengers the end of the world died for your sins
the cannibals garbage man trash for cash
Pissed Jeans false jesii part 2 King Of Jeans
Cococoma alright, alright, alright Things Are Not All Right
Sunny Day Real Estate in circles Diary (2009 Reissue)
the jesus lizard 7 vs. 8 head (remastered)
Box Elders 2012 Alice And Friends
killing joke you'll never get to me Killing Joke
holy cow black and white call it what you will
Jay Reatard faking it Watch Me Fall
Mission Of Burma comes undone The Sound The Speed The Light
Times New Viking move to california Born Again Revisited
Seizures, The voice to skull Exterminating Angel
the hookers tell you brother... the hookers
The Spits wouldn't wanna be ya IV
mi ami african rhythms african rhythms 12"
airlines test test ep
the pop group forces of oppression for how much longer can we tolerate mass murder
Lou Barlow sharing Goodnight Unknown
Kurt Vile hunchback Constant Hitmaker
hoover electrolux the lurid traversal of route 7

everything i own is broken or bent

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