Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 6/26/19

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Magik Markers Don't Talk In Your Sleep Balf Quarry Drag City
Dead Meadow Through the Gates of the Sleepy Silver Door Feathers Matador
Pierced Arrows Paranoia Descending Shadows Vice
George Brigman and Split Vacation Human Scrawl Vagabond Resonance
Long Hots Give & Take Nickel & Dime 7" Third man
Sparrow Steeple Roll Baby Tin Top Sorcerer Trouble in Mind
Television Personalities I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives Some Kind of Happening: Singles 1978-1989 Fire
Jad Fair And Daniel Johnston I Met Roky Erickson It's Spooky Paperhouse
R. Stevie Moore What do I Do with the Rest of my Life Afterlife Bar None
Hamish Kilgour NYC Blackout Franklestein Ba Da Bing
Scarcity of Tanks Frozen Hinge Total Life Society
Swimming in Bengal The Spider Who Loved me Deeper Deeper Lather
Million Brazilians Ponderoso Monicato: conclusion Ponderoso Monicato Psychic Sounds
Pharoah Sanders Upper Egypt Tahuid Impulse
Harvey Mandel The Lark Cristo Redentor Philips
Semnal M Trenul cursa de persoane Apahida - Cluj-Napoca Trenul Cursă De Persoane Apahida - Cluj-Napoca Electrecord
Geb the Great Cackler Queen Bee/Blue Jay Life in Prism

Sonic Rendezvous

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Old tunes and new noises from around the world.
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