Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 7/30/19


Artist Title Album Label New
Carnal Tomb Abhorrent veneration Abhorrent veneration Testimony Records
Paganizer Apocalypse Writings The tower of the Morbid Transcending Obscurity Records
Sanguisugabogg Succulent Descent Pornographic Seizures Maggot Stomp
Ritual Mass Seated at the right hand of the lord Abhorred in the eyes of god
Frozen Soul Hand of Vengeance Encased in Ice Maggot Stomp
Sedimentum Momifie Dans la vase Demo
Undeath Phantasmal Festering Sentient autolysis
Rancorous Stealth Dominion Stealth Dominion
Blessed Curse Bleeding Cross Blessed Curse
Schizophrenic Torture Outpost 31 Singles
Flesh Concussed and Vulnerable Flesh
Active stenosis Pneumoccal menegitis Succumbed to infection
Gore beyond necropsy Faecal Gore Gore attack Noise a gro gro Relapse
Grave Extremely Rotten Flesh
Gorguts Forgotten arrows Colored sand
Leprophiliac Destined to ritualistic sacrifice Demo 2019
Revolting Gulp the blood The terror threshold Ablaze productions
Cannibal Accident Aboa fetus grinders Ritual paprika

Double Hockey Sticks

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Thursday 2-4pm
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Tuesday 6-8pm
An enriching music primer series designed to showcase whats new in metal. hand picked/locally sourced/straight from heck.
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