Gallimaufry on Mon 8/5/19

DJ speaks over Hot Chip's new album A BATHFULL OF ECSSTASY

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Troggs Our Love Will Still Be There GEATEST HITS Vintage Jukebox
Lyres How Do You Know? LYRES LYRES Munster
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Dracula Drug ZAM Greenway Records
Strapping Fieldhands Impossible to Stay ALLUVVIUM TRINKETS Omphalos Records
The Hykkers I Want a Break Thru I WANT A BREAK THRU (SINGLE) Ivory Music Ltd
Drugdealr If You Don't Now Know, You Never Will RAW HONEY Mexican Summer
Goon Black Finch HEAVEN IS HUMMING Partisan Records
Dahga Bloom Goodnight Moon GOODNIGHT MOON (SINGLE) Volcom Entertainment
Froth track 2 Duress Witchita Recordings
Tortoise The Catastrophist THE CATASTROPHIST Thrill Jockey
Yard of Blondes Je Veux danser tout l'ete JE VEUX DANSER TOUT L'ÉTÉ (SINGLE) Pitou & Tigrou
Ceremony The Seperation THE L-SHAPED MAN: THE DEMO RECORDINGS First Letter Press
Monodelux Love, No Understanding 13 MINUTES (EP) A Boy Named Ho
Cate le Bon Mothers Mothers Magazines REWARD Planetary
The Gears Elks Lodge Blues ROCKIN' AT GROUND ZERO Dionysus Records / Bacchus Archives / Orange Sky / Hell Yeah
Witch That's What I Want WITCH: WE INTEND TO CAUSE HAVOC! Now Again Records
Parsnip Rip It Off RIP IT OFF Trouble In Mind Records
Gauche Copper Woman A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF GAUCE Merge
Honey Radar Carousel Society RUBY PUFF OF DUST What's Your Rupture
Blue Angel Can't Blame Me BLUE ANGEL Hip-O Select
Leaf Hound With a Minute to Go Growres of Mushroom Repertoire
Aqualung All She Wore, She Was ADDITIONAL FEATURES Okey-Donkey
Oceans of the Moon I'm on a Roll OCEANS OF THE MOON Castle Face
Harry Nilsson Spaceman SON OF SCHMILSSON A Nilsson House Productions
Here Lies Man Clad in Silver CLAD IN SILVER (Single) Riding Easy Records
The Dream Syndicate Still Here Now THESE TIMES Anti


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