A Dose of Doses on Wed 8/7/19

Today is a pretty good but hectic day because one of my classes were cancelled :) but I have 10 million things going on
Hope you enjoy the show!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Ivy Sole Lovely Fiction Overgrown 2018
Emotional Oranges Don't Be Lazy Don't Be Lazy-Single 2019
Jamie Lidell Daddy's Car Warp20 2009
Eric Dingus Nature Post- Suicide Limerence 2014
Yves Tumor All The Love We Have Now Safe In The Hands Of Love 2018
Clams Casino Witness- Instrumental 32 Levels 2016
Chuck Sutton Somebody Somebody-Single 2018
Mereba My One The Jungle is the Only Way Out 2019
Kindess Lost Without (feat Seinabo Sey) Lost Without-Single 2019
Matt Martians Movin On The Last Party 2019
Alex Mali Start it Up Sweet & Sour 2019
Karyyn BINARY The Quanta Series 2019
Herzeloyde Stories Stories 2018
Ripps Composure Hue 2018
Ekela Catalyst Cry Later 2018
JD Reid Xxl (feat Fatima) Tree 2018
Rejoicer Heavy Smoke Heavy Smoke-Single 2019
Brijean Fundi Walkie Talkie 2019
Nathan Bajar Purple Hearts Playroom 2019
Swsh How You Feel How You Feel- Single 2019
Huntly Vitamin Low Grade Buzz 2019
Arca Thievery Xen 2014
Liss Reputation Second 2019
Manu DIa Taliwhip Surface-EP 2019
Exile Stay Here Radio- AM/FM 2010
MDWS don't take my word for it Another Year 2019
Lone How Can You Tell Abraxas 2019
staRo Fade Out (feat Sara-J) Fade Out-Single 2019
Ascxnsion Melt (feat Kerianne) Drippping Gold 2018
IAMNOBODI Savior Savior- Single 2019
Jai Paul He Do You Love Her Now/He 2019
ArtBySeven Lifestyles Before I Was Rudy 2017
yeule Pretty Bones Pretty Bones-Single 2019
Jamie Issac Gardening Beat Gardening Beat-Single 2019

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