A Dose of Doses on Wed 8/21/19

Today is a great show. I'm premiering Skywalker's new single today from his EP Buzzin (coming out this Friday) and I always play great music every week :)
See you next week ( I may have another premiere in store)

Artist Title Album Label Local
JPEGMAFIA Jesus Forgive Me, I am a Thot Jesus Forgive Me, I am a Thot- Single 2019
Cleo Sol Sweet Blue Sweet Blue-Single 2019
I n I Amel Larrieux Infinite Possibilities 2000
Potatohead People Stop The Games Stop The Games- EP 2019
Moodyman I Think Of Saturday Sinner: KDJ-48 2019
Los Coast (Everything But) The Kitchen Sink Samsara 2019
PJ Morton READY PAUL 2019
SOSUPERSAM Extra Credit Extra Credit-Single 2019
Kelsey Lu Why Knock For You Blood 2019
Eli Moon Feelin Right Feelin Right-Single 2019
Jack Harlow Dark Knight Gazebo 2017
McClenney Get Back Get Back-Single 2019
Emmavie Distraction Stop The Tape 2019
Moonchild Money Money-Single 2019
Anna Wise What's Up With You? Nerve 2019
Skywalker Pardon Buzzin *WORLD PREMIERE*
J.Robb kore.techs monetary purposes 2019
OddKidOut Napa Street (feat Welsey Curtis) Napa Street 2018
Joyce Wrice Rocket Science Rocket Science- Single 2016
Rayana Jay Too Good Sorry About Last Night 2016
Caleb Cruise Dance With Me Dance With Me 2019
Marco McKinnis Energy E'Merse 2019
Whysp revival broken up 2018
Sipprell From Afar I Could Be Loved 2018
Chloe Martini Naked Daydream 2019
Lauren Faith D.M.T Cosmic- EP 2019
Kelala Go All Night Saint Heron 2013
Jerome Thomas The Stone Conversations 2016
Praa Overcome Praa 2019
Kindess Cry Everything Cry Everything-Single 2018
Jarreau Vandal Scintilla Scintilla/ Break My Back 2018

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