Bad Girls Gone Good on Fri 8/23/19

Background Music: Calling Your Name - Singto Conley

Artist Title Album New Local
Courier Club Liza Liza
God is an Astronaut All Is Violent, All Is Bright All Is Violent, All Is Bright
Rare DM Softboy Vanta Black
Marika Hackman blow Any Human Friend
Slow Pulp Preoccupied Ep2
Go Hawaii Coral Blues Cora Blues
Jesus Vio Carbon Dioxide Dutch Science
Kyle Craft Blackhole/Joyride Showboat Honey
Red Temple Spirits Liquid Temple Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon LP
STRFKR Open Your Eyes Being No One, Going Nowhere
The Dream Syndicate Black Light These Times
Empath Decor Active Listening: Night on Earth
Lonely Benson Rosaline Rosaline
RALPH TV Homebody Homebody
Small World Experience Shelf-Life Shelf-Life
Com Truise Ultrafiche of You Persuasion System
High Sunn Familiar Insecurities Coffin Eyes
Olivia Jean Green Honeycreeper Bathtub Love Killings
Local Natives Mt. Washington Hummingbird
Soft Location The Rescue Diamonds and Gems
The Flaming Lips Mouth Of The King King's Mouth
Modern Studies and Tommy Perman Faraway Hills Emergent Slow Arcs
Nothing The Dead are Dumb Tired of Tomorrow
Jawncarlo Pictures on my Wall Album 1
Ludovic Alarie we're a dream nobody wrote down We're a Dream Nobody Wrote Down
NOTS Blank Reflection Cosmetic
Ghostland Observatory Open Wound See You Later Stimulator
Bad Suns Swimming In the Moonlight Disappear Here

Bad Girls Gone Good

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Are you a baddie on the outside but a softie on the inside? Well welcome to that cinematic scene where you are driving into the sunset with your friends heading to whatever your destination is.