Where's the remote? on Mon 8/26/19

w/ jack and God

Artist Title Album New Local
Flayer Wanna Get Back Your Love - Extended Mix Wanna Get Back Your Love
Gauche Dirty A People's History of Gauche
Boothe Eggs are 0's 8 or 9 Walled Room
Cloud Becomes Your Hand Sand of Sea Rocks or Cakes
CE Schneider Topical Roadside H.O.X. Antifreeze
Gang of Four Armalite Rifle Yellow EP
Dories Storage Two-Tone Fade
XTC Complicated Game Drums & Wires
Brave Radar Out of Reach Message Centre
Luge Platinum Baby Actual Rock 'N' Roll
Sebadoh Healthy Sick The Freed Man
VICTIME La femme taupe La femme taupe
My Bloody Valentine Who Sees You M B V
R.E.M. We Walk Murmur
Dumb Club Nites Club Nites
Dehd On My Side Water
Bonnie "Prince" Billy New Partner New Partner
Sad Eyes Mini Dresses Collected Singles and EPs
Let's Active BLUE line single
blue smiley girly fishhh - EP
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Planet B Infest the Rats' Nest
Beck Totally Confused A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight - EP
Hood Sirens Structured Disasters
Tim Buckley Buzzin' Fly Happy/Sad
Pumice Brown Brown Brown Pebbles
Duster Stars Will Fall Transmission Flux

Where's the remote?

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