Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 9/4/19

Another snake show. Old stuff here:

Artist Title Album Label New Local
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Venusian I Infest the Rats' Nest Flightless
Oh Sees Face Stabber Face Stabber Castle Face
Pentagram Forever My Queen First Daze Here Relapse
George Edwards Group Hypertrain The George Edwards Group Galactic Zoo
Mdou Moctar Chet Boghassa 9-15-17 Third Man
Bich Loan and CBC Band The Greatest Love Saigon Rock and Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974 Sublime Frequencies
Sandy Bull Easy Does It Demolition Derby Vanguard
The Dan Dem Tay Nguyen Music of Vietnam v 1.1 Celestial Harmonies
Weeping Bong Band Elf's Promise II Feeding Tube
John Lee Hooker Black Snake Black Snake Fantasy
Blind Lemon Jefferson That Black Snake Moan Blind Lemon Jefferson Milestone
Harvey Mandel Ode to the Owl The Snake Janus
Exuma Snake Snake Kama Sutra
Replacements Rattlesnake Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash Twin Tone
Mountain High Snake Bite No-Fi Soul Rebellion split Wantage
L7 Snake Handler L7 Epitaph
Serpent Throne Snakecharmer The Battle of Old Crow Vessel
Human Adult Band Cosmic Snakebite Kit Sonic Enlightenment Third Man
Louie, Andrew and Catherine Nine Pipe Snake Dance Song Songs and Dances of the Flathead Indians Smithsonian Folkways
Jodha on pungi + co. Theka Talin Sapera - Snake Charmers Of North India Bona-Fi Recordings
Redd Kross Beyond the Door Beyond the Door Merge
Tropical Fuck Storm Desert Sands Of Venus Braindrops Joyful Noise
Taiwan Housing Project Toxic Garbage People Sub-Language Trustees ever/never
Peter Laughner Amphetamine box set Smog Veil
Peter Laughner Summertime Blues box set Smog Veil
Love Bummer in the Summer Forever Changes Elektra

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