Bad Girls Gone Good on Fri 9/13/19

The Throwback Show!
Background Music: Calling Your Name - Singto Conley

Artist Title Album New Local
Bleu Nuit Le Ruban Magnetique Le Jardin des Memories
Go Hawaii Powwow Powwow
Selfstream Sushi Sushi
Jay Som Nighttime Drive Anak Ko
Those Pretty Wrongs Time To Fly Zed for Zulu
URL Yellow Pack Yellow Pack
Crumb Nina Jinx
Shannon Lay Nowhere August
Shortwaved Multitudes so Long Multitudes so Long
Huck, Sophie Meiers Scrimmage Huck
Jermango Dreaming Breeze Breeze
Mikey Young Back To The Centre You Feelin' Me?
GEA Followers Butterflies
Sebastian Roca Honey Honey
Black Belt Eagle Scout At The Party At The Party With My Brown Friends
Snow Caps Far Cry Don't Take Me Back
Beach For Tiger Toffee Toffee
Nolan Garrett Morning Morning
Jaguar Sun Late Late
Rare DM Almost A Year Vanta Black
Julia Shapiro Parking Lot Perfect Version
Outer Spaces Truck Song Gazing Globe
Nilo Smeds There Goes Your Woman Once You Were A Baby
Hector Gachan Really Something Untitled '91
FLOOR CRY I'll Be Around I'll Be Around
Summer Cannibals Like I Used To Can't Tell Me No
GOON Black Finch Heaven is Humming
Glass Animals Gooey - Stripped ZABA (Deluxe)
FOAMMM Rollerblades FOAMMM
rei brown Street Fighter Street Fighter
Los Porcos Porc Noise Complaint Porco Mio

Bad Girls Gone Good

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Are you a baddie on the outside but a softie on the inside? Well welcome to that cinematic scene where you are driving into the sunset with your friends heading to whatever your destination is.