Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 9/18/19

What is this buzzing, do you hear it too?

Artist Title Album Label New Local
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Superbug Infest the Rats' Nest Flightless
Brant Bjork Sun Brother Jalamanta Heavy Psych Sounds
Can Messer, Scissors, Fork And Light Lost Tapes Spoon
Renaldo and the Loaf Kimbolton Gnome Song Songs for Swinging Larvae Ralph
Ben Stanko Sometimes Mud Grows Tomato We Die Set Projects
Butthole Surfers Human Cannonball Locust Abortion Technician Touch and Go
Cramps Human Fly Bad Music For Bad People IRS
Alex Chilton Like Flies On Sherbert Like Flies On Sherbert Peabody
Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers Hey There Little Insect Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers Beserkley
Honey Radar Song For Randolph Free Ruby Puff of Dust What's your Rupture
Parsnip Rip it Off When the Tree Bears Fruit Trouble in Mind
Efisio Melis Fiorassio The Secret Museum of Mankind v. 1 Outernational
The Master Musicians Of Joujouka excerpt The Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka Rolling Stone
Mosquitoes Water Drip Water Hollow Out Stone ever/never
Yuzo Iwata Up On a Dragonfly Daylight Moon Siltbreeze
Ann McMillan Gateway Summer Sound/excerpt Abstracted Animal & Other Sounds Folkways
Insect Electronica From Southeast Asia Morning Fanfare/excerpt Broken Hearted Dragonflies Sublime Frequencies
Kaluli musicians Bamboo Jew's Harp Voices Of The Rainforest Rykodisc
Palberta Roach Goin' Down Under The First Floor mixtape vol. 1
Hex Nine Infested with Bedbugs In Mystic Emerald Sea self
Squid Rodeo Town Centre Speedy Wunderground
Ghostships 1 Ghostships Laily
Les Filles de Illighadad Imigradan Eghass Malan Sahel Sounds

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