Real House on Sun 10/20/19


Artist Title Album
DJLMP Angry (Original Mix)
Max Telaer Impossible Things (Original Mix)
Sebas Ramis, Tutsi Girl Play House, Luyo Faith (Luyo Soul Mix)
Rick Wade, DBX Nothing To Fear (DBX Dub Remix)
Scott Diaz The Ocean Was Always You (Scott's Atlantic Dub)
Tadeo Story On Blue (Brothers Vibe Remix)
Outta Space Basement Bass
Alex Agore Breathing Underwater (Original Mix)
Franck Roger, Dj Steaw Vabre (Dj Steaw Airdub)
In Flagrante Bcn 01
Pedro Goya, Chris Simmonds Anacom (Chris Simmonds Houseproud Mix)
Pedro Goya Berceuse
Phonk D, Siggatunez Gladys (Original Mix)
Moodtrap 04.01
Pedro Goya, Eyptin Wholi Movida (Eyptin Wholi Remix)
Roberto Rodriguez Keep Holding On
Elef Just A Dream (Original Mix)
Deftone, Sebb Junior Mono Skillz (Sebb Junior Remix)

Real House

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Sunday 2-4pm
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Real House is a program that focuses on house music along with other various forms of electronic music spun by djs throughout the area
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