Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 11/5/19

Episode # 75: 90's Gore-lore

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Hellwitch Ascension Intro Syzygial Miscreancy
Hellwitch Nosferatu Syzygial Miscreancy
Exhumed Re-entry and Destruction Exhumed/Gatekeeper Split Relapse Records
Gatecreeper Anxiety Exhumed/Gatekeeper Split Relapse Records
Protector Atrocities Urm the Mad
Alucard Extending Into Infinity The Way of All Flesh
Immortal Suffering Destiny Demo 1994
Oppressor Devour the Soul Solstice of Oppression
Desanctified Twilight of the infernal Dominion Manifest Imperium Demo
Necrocide Vomit Forth Blood Vomit Forth Blood Demo
Pederasty Goat Flesh Conceiving God Demo
Sabbat Samurai Zombies Karisma
Asphyxation Unto Darkness Unto Darkness Demo
Corporeal Decay Permanent Density Divinely Impaled Demo
Mutilator Tormented Soul Immortal Force
Unnatural Graveside Cursed Bloodshed Split EP w/ Barbarity
Death Rune Beneath Cypress Groves Memories of the Exhumed Demo
Cataclysm Journey Into Reality Sudden Violent Change
Sepsis Necro Introvert Pesticide Injector To Make Rotten Demo
Deceased Fading Survival Luck of the Corpse
Undead Sarcophogus Existential Horror
Tartarus Horde Anguish and Disgust Tartarus Horde
Hellwitch Terraasymmetry Terraasymmetry
Burial Frigid Cold Relinquished Souls

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