Post-This Post-That Radio covered by allisondurham on Wed 11/6/19

Allison from Dial Error covers Post-This-Post-That Radio!

Artist Title Album New Local
The Flatmates Shimmer Shimmer
Scars David Author! Author!
Undertones Family Entertainment The Undertones
Priors Destroyer Call for You EP
Mikey Young Billions of Tears You Feelin' Me?
Silver Apples I Have Known Love Contact
Chromatics Twist the Knife Close to Grey
Fine Art You Tell Me Scan EP
The Rainyard Beneath the Skin A Thousand Days
Felt Rain of Crystal Spires Forever Breathes the Lonely Word
The Optic Nerve Here to Stay Penelope Tuesday / Here to Stay
Charlie Megira Fear and Joy and the Hefker Girl
Kim Gordon Get Yr Life Back No Home Record
Guerilla Toss What Would the Odd Do? What Would The Odd Do?
Lene Lovich Lucky Number Peel Session (1978)
Shop Assistants Safety Net Shop Assistants EP
Mekons Hard to Be Human Again Fear & Whiskey
Mecca Normal Will He Change? Calico Kills the Cat
Unclaimed Diamonds Story Slab The First Five Slabs
Shriekback This Big Hush Oil & Gold
Steve Kilbey Swampdrone Unearthed
Steve Kilbey Judgement Day Unearthed
Kill Ugly Pop! Let's Get Real Gone Leatherface Gets Religion
The Hecks Flash My Star
The Bongos Telephoto Lens Telephoto Lens 7"
Richard Hell & the Voidoids Time Destiny Street
Mark Johnson Love Radiates Around 12 in a Room
Tyvek 30th Changing Patterns of Protective Coating

Post-This Post-That Radio

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