Bad Girls Gone Good on Fri 11/8/19

Artist Title Album New
Capitol Blondie Blondie
Vetiver Swaying Up on High
No Swoon Faces No Swoon
Black Pumas Colors Colors
Julia Shapiro Shape Perfect Vision
Poppy Jean Crawford Not Today Poppy Jean Crawford EP
Indoor Creature Paradox Paradox
iNCH Sun & Moon iNCH Sun & Moon
levitation room What You Soon HeadSpace
Nitefire Ride or Die Ride or Die
Scuba Dvala Mumble Mumble
Big Theif Two Hands Two Hands
The Flaming Lips The Sparrow King's Mouth: Music and Songs
Lev Snowe Someday Soon Someday Soon
STARHEADBODY Urban Jellyfish Field Pride
Surf Rock is Dead Our Time Our Time
The Young Sinclairs Truth Can't Be Tried Out Of The Box
Devendra Banhart Ami Ma
Peel Dream Magazine Up and Up Up and Up
Sleepy Gaucho Lucy Lucy
Cones Seeing Triple Seeing Triple
Kid Baby Boy Oh Baby Detuned
Rose Dorn Shaking Days You Were Leaving
Alex Gough Breakfast Breakfast

Bad Girls Gone Good

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Are you a baddie on the outside but a softie on the inside? Well welcome to that cinematic scene where you are driving into the sunset with your friends heading to whatever your destination is.