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Artist Title Album New Local
Anne Briggs Go Your Way Topic
Karen Dalton Everytime I Think of Freedom Cotton Eyed Joe
Lucinda Williams Met An Old Friend Remembering Mountains
Stephen Steinbrink Now You See Everything Arranged Waves
Devendra Banhart Carolina Ma
The 6ths You You You You You Hyacinths and Thistles
William Tyler The Great Unwind Modern Country
75 Dollar Bill Every Last Coffee or Tea I Was Real
Swimming in Bengal Jungle Ragu Collective Elephant
Sonny Sharrock Blind Willy Black Woman
Captain Beefheart Carrot Is As Close to a Rabbit As Its Gets to a Diamond Doc at the Radar Station
Omni Skeleton Key Networker
The Lothers Sad Song Meet the Lothers
The Astronauts Still Talking The Astronauts
The Associates A.G. it's you again Club Country 12"
Durutti Column Sketch for a Summer The Return of Durutti Column
Collate Communication Communication 7"
Primetime Last Night Primetime
Terry Bureau I'm Terry
The Lavender Faction Ride Ride 12"
Skip Skip Ben Ben Last Light Sacrifice Mountain Hills
Black Marble Private Show Bigger Than Life
Behavior Organic Spirits & Embellishments
Carambolage Tu doch nicht so Carambolage
Special Interest Young, Gifted, Black, in Leather Special Interest
Marbled Eye Laughing Sound Leisure

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