Open air on Tue 11/19/19

Eliza takes over the 2nd hour for her 3rd Sit-In!

Artist Title Album New Local
Vulcan's Hammer The Grasshopper True Hearts & Sound Bottoms
Michael Hurley Long Journey Long Journey
Lee Moses What You Don't Want Me to Be Time & Place
Ruth & Sherry You're Gonna Be My Guy You're Gonna Be My Guy 45
Parsnip Soft Spot When The Tree Bears Fruit
Mikey Young Freedom '13 You Feelin' Me?
Long Hots Nickel & Dime Nickel & Dime 7"
Dolly Mixture Our Tune Everything and More
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike Hold Me All Day Long In Bliss
Razorcuts I'll Still Be There r is for...
Arthur Russell Wonder Boy Iowa Dream
McCarthy Charles Windsor That's All Very Well But...
The Clean Anything Could Happen Anthology

Open air

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