Post-This Post-That Radio on Wed 11/20/19

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Swimming In Bengal Liquid Feedback Collective Elephant
Pere ubu We have the technology
Royal Trux Air Royal Trux Drag City
75 Dollar Bill I was real
Cakekitchen One + One = One Time flowing backwards Homestead
Chills Bad Sugar Snowbound
Os Mutantes baby
The Paranoyds Girlfriend degree Carnage Bargain Flying Nun
The Cats Table Top The Cats
Bodega No Vanguard Revival Shiny new model
Crime murder by guitar San Francisco's doomed
St. James and the Apostles Hosanna Black Psalms
Ut Mosquito botticelli In Gut's House Blast First
Axemen 10 miles (as the crow flies) Scary Pt. III Siltbreeze
Bill Direen Russian Rug A Memory of Others NEW on Sophomore Lounge
Tilahun Gessesse Sethéd Sekètèlat Mississippi
The Good Ones Songs 2 and 3 Rwanda, you should be loved! Anti-
Bill Orcutt Sun and its horizon Odds against tomorrow NEW
Wiile Lane New arrivals A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth Feeding Tube
The Clean Hold on to the ril Oddities
The Pastels baby it's just you EP Chapter 22
Soft Boys
My Bloody Valentine
Writhing Squares 5 songs off of Out of the Ether

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