Bad Girls Gone Good on Fri 11/22/19

Emily takes over the first hour!

Artist Title Album New
Pearl Charles Sweet Sunshine Wine Sweet Sunshine Wine
The Aces Waiting For You When My Heart Felt Volcanic
Orla Gartland Why Am I like This? Why Am I Like This?
Sean Henry So Real A Jump From The High Dive
Lauren Ruth Ward Did I Offend You? Well, Hell
Lauren Aquilina Tobacco in My Sheets Tobacco In My Sheets
Angela Perley Let Go 4:30
Allah-Las Holding Pattern LAHS
ILUKA Fall Apart Again Fall Apart Again
The Beaches Snake Tongue Snake Tongue
Harmony Woods Ghosts Make Yourself At Home
Levitation Room Mr Polydactyl Cat Headspace
Bodywash Reverie Comforter
Sir Babygirl Everyone is a Bad Friend Crush On Me
The Gloomies Sick Like You Sick Like You
Joey Quinones Don't Tell Me Don't Tell Me
Mermaidens Millennia Look Me In The Eye
18pm Idontknowwhyieventry 18pm!
(Sandy) Alex G Gretel House of Sugar
Butter Bath Stray Cats Stray Cats
Nature TV She Wants to See You Cry She Wants to See You Cry
Sam Hollis Miranda Miranda
Molly Burch To the Boys First Flower
Selfstream Lost Coast Lost Coast
Tourist Bunny Wild

Bad Girls Gone Good

Monday 2-4pm
Thursday 12-2pm
Friday 12-2pm
Friday 10am-12pm
Are you a baddie on the outside but a softie on the inside? Well welcome to that cinematic scene where you are driving into the sunset with your friends heading to whatever your destination is.